Win a year’s subscription to Mules and More Magazine, Mules and More Cap and Ozark Mule Days shirt at Ozark Mule Days!

1. Snap - Snap a picture with your mule

2. Hashtag - Post it to Facebook with a caption saying what you are most excited about at Ozark Mule Days and include the hashtag #mulesandmoreatozarkmuledays

3. Win - You will be entered for a chance to win a one year’s subscription to Mules and More magazine.

Get bonus entries if you tag Mules and More Magazine and Ozark Mule Days in your posts!

(Winner announced Saturday at Ozark Mule Days)

For more information on Ozark Mule Days - Call Les Clancy (417)343-9412 or email ozarkmuledays@hotmail.com

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