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Alberta Donkey and Mule Club - The Alberta Donkey & Mule Club was established in 1990 by a dedicated group of Albertans, passionate about their animals. The club was formed to not only promote the love of mules and donkeys, but to help educate its membership and the public.

American Mule Association - www.AmericanMuleAssociation.com

American Mule Racing Association (AMRA) - The Association promotes the racing of mules and maintains a franchise from the State of California to represent all owners, trainers, and breeders of mules with respect to racing.

Bess Wall Trail Horse Obstacle Clinics - Bunnel, FL (will travel) "Obstacles are meant to be overcome"

Birt Arena -  A full service show facility & home to Southside Longears, top quality Mules & Jackstock

Bramoth Farm Mammoth Jackstock was founded in 1978 with the intent of making a significant contribution toward improving and preserving the American Mammoth Jack Stock.

California Donkey and Mule Association - Our objectives are to enjoy, learn about and promote our long-eared friends. We have members all over California, divided into several regions. We put on shows and play days that include all equines. Check out our website or e-mail for more information.

Central Texas Equines - Central Texas Equines is located in the heart of the Hill Country of Texas. We strive to offer to our customers a large and varied selection of equines based on our personal knowledge.

Colorado Classic Mule and Donkey Days - A gathering of longear enthusiasts who want to celebrate and exhibit the versatility and superiority of mules and donkeys. It provides a wonderful opportunity to work with, learn from and teach others who share an interest in mules and donkeys.

County Line Mammoth Jackstock - A small farm located in Dora, Ala., that enjoys raising mammoth jackstock and jennies. Feel free to contact County Line Mammoth Jackstock!

Coyote Mule Company - This working ranch offers top quality mules for sale, riding instruction and boarding and offers complete facilities for reunions, parties & weddings.  

Craig Farms - Quality Stock for Wagon Teams, Riding and young stock. URSUS and Big Bee farm equipment dealer.

Donkey Whisperer Farm - http://donkeywhisperer.com

Diamond Creek Mules - Standing 3 time Grand Champion Mammoth Jack, "Diamond Creek Major". Quality performance mules and mammoth donkeys. Mule & Donkey training by "John Lyons Certified Trainer" Tim Doud

DJ Bar Ranch - Standing 2 mammoth jacks; shipped semen available. Young gaited, spotted and draft cross mules for sale.

Dearman's Gaited Mule Farm - Specializing in painted mules, gaited mules, riding mules, Arkansas mules, Louisiana mules, and other mules. Mule lovers will love our mules. A mule for every man, a mule for every woman. Mule riders need a mule. A painted mule is unique; a gaited mule is fun to ride. Gaited mules and painted mules are great! Mule owners appreciate mules. A mule won't mate with another mule, so mules are special.

Donkey Tree -Online pedigree database for all breeds and sizes of donkeys from Miniature to Mammoth Jackstock. With over 55,000 donkeys currently  listed and more being added all the time, we are dedicated to preserving pedigree and genetic information from all donkeys.

Electric Fence Chargers - fencechargers.net - All the best brands of electric fence chargers, all in one place!

Garrett Mammoth Jackstock -  Home of Oklahoma's largest herd of Mammoth Jackstock, located in Eastern Oklahoma.  We specialize in Broke to Ride Saddle Donkeys as well as having  top quality jacks and jenny's available at all times.  Whatever your need or desire in a Mammoth Donkey we will do our best to fit you with the perfect animal for you.

Hawleywoods Mule Farm - We specialize in finished trail riding mules, as well as, mules trained for specific events or purposes

Hayes Art Group - Hayes Art Group features Western, wildlife and scenic cards and art prints by Oregon artist, Gene Hayes.

Horse Trailers Galore - New & Used Horse Trailers for Sale.  Find Your New Horse Trailer FAST!

Horseman Magazine - Our focus is to give horse lovers everywhere the understanding they need to better care for, and bond with, their four-legged friends.

Horseman's Press - Horseman's Press publishes the novel, “STORMY THE BARREL HORSE” and other horse books, novels, articles, e books and equine related publications.  They also distribute the syndicated column "Picket Line" for livestock publications worldwide.

Horseshoe Haven - Mid-Missouri mule breeders/sellers and creators of original horseshoe art.

Hollis Saddle Mules for Sale - Specializing in Gentle Hunting and Trail Saddle Mules - From hunting mules to back country trail riding mules, we'll guarantee the right mule for you. Our goal is not the quantity of mules we sell, but to provide a few quality hunting and trail saddle mules each year. Visit our website to see the quality mules we have for sale.  

At Huckleberry Stables and Rental cabins you can let your horse take you through the wonderful mountains and hollows of the Missouri's Huckleberry Ridge State Forest.

The Iowa Donkey and Mule Society now has a Web Site.

J and B Pasofino Horses and Gaited Mules has Paso Fino horses and gaited mules for sale for pleasurable trail riding and showing.

Jones Gentle Saddle Mules for Sale - with a Guarantee - We provide a select group of gentle, safe, and well trained saddle mules that support the hunting, ranching, and trail riding needs of our customers - check out the mules we have for sale.

Kelso Mules - teams & riding mules, see our upcoming sales in Tennessee and Oklahoma where you can buy and sell quality mules, horses, and jack stock. Other events include our own Annual Mule Clinic, our Annual Team Roping Competition, and our Annual Wagon Ride.

Lost Valley Farm - Rick & Sherri Pledger, 65350 E 155 Rd., Wyandotte, OK 74370 - Email Rick & Sherri for info!

The Lucky Three Ranch - Providing a wide variety of knowledge and educational material that deals with mules and donkeys

Minnesota Donkey and Mule Club - For information on the Donkey and Mule industry in the fine state of Minnesota

Missouri Equine Council, Inc - The Missouri Equine Council, Inc. (MEC) is a member supported, non-profit organization impartially representing the State of Missouri's equine industry, from the major breeders and exhibitors to the weekend, backyard riders.

Mountain Horse, Inc - Western trail saddles, saddlebags, pack equipment and more...

Mulography - a blog about Marty, the mule. Also features regular "Mule Tale" articles about mules from around the world

Mule Trader.ca - A listing service for buyers, sellers of mules and their long eared relatives as well as equipment and other related items. PROUDLY CANADIAN!

The Mule Store - Mule and Donkey Related Gifts

Murphy's Mules - The Murphy family raise's prize winning hitch draft mules. A working farm, Murphy's is located in Farmersville, Illinois (please call ahead for a tour). They offer two, four and six hitch mule teams for sale.

Longears Mall  - Donkey & Mule Community and Longears Resource Directory, News &  Articles, Event Calendar and more

National Championship Chuckwagon Races: National Championship Chuckwagon Races is all about a lifestyle. Come join us in Clinton Arkansas and see for yourself. 

North American Saddle Mule Association - With show, educational, versatility trail, and youth divisions, this is the family organization you have been looking for! 

OK Longears - American Mammoth Jackstock and Quality Performance Mules

One Hand Ranch Tack Shop - Usin' tack for back country riders. Packing & outfitting supplies.

Outfitters Supply, Inc. - Supplier of quality horse and mule packing equipment and trail riding gear. TrailMax Essential Gear for the Trail, Ralide-West Panniers, Tucker Trail Saddles, Circle Y Saddles, Crates Leather, Montana Canvas Wall Tents and Spike Tents, and much, much more.

Pair-A-Dice Mules Farm - Offering quality saddle mules for sale, as well as training. Out of Belle, Missouri.

Ponderosa Trails in Missouri is the perfect place for people to experience an incredibly beautiful, unspoiled and historically interesting place to ride their horses. Ride the land of Jesse James!

Queen Valley Mule Ranch - It's time to change not only the way you think about your mule, but also the way you feel about your confidence and ability to train your animal for safety and enjoyment!

Rafter CF Training has been training mules and horses for several years now. Kelli and Chris like to take a slow and calm approach when starting a young animal. They do a lot of round pen work as well as various other training techniques from the ground. They don't generally accept any animals for less than 30 days and really prefer 60 or 90 days to get a real nice start on one.

Rio Grande Mule and Donkey Association - New Mexico - We are just a bunch of folks who share a common interest in Mules and Donkeys. Whether you have a Long Eared companion, are wanting to learn more about them, or just enjoy getting together for trail rides with other nice people, you will find this club to be very "User Friendly."

Rockin O Mules - At Rockin O Mules we are proud to be producing some of the top performance mules in the country out of our Doc O' lena mares and own grandson of Texas Scooter...Scooters Tomahawk. Owned by Donnie and Teresa Oldham

Rocking S Mules - Dedicated to producing and promoting quality riding mules, the Rocking S brand has earned the destiction of quality. 

Rock Point Farm - Where Champion Saddle Donkeys Are Born

Sagebrush Ranch Mammoth Jackstock  -  Specializes in breeding, raising, and training quality show and  saddle Mammoth Jackstock donkeys

Schrader Custom Saddles - Fine hand-crafted saddles and tack for mules and horses, built one at atime, to your specifications.

Scooter's Banjo Boy - Committed to producing quality saddle mules and promoting the mule industry. We don't raise a lot of mules but those that we put on the ground are worth owning.

Sharp's Saddlery - Custom Leatherworks "Imagination is the Only Limit" Saddles, breast plates, Saddle bags, etc, etc Secure buying

Signature Equine offers a personalized approach to training. Our focus is producing quality animals that are enjoyable to ride and show. You have seen our success in the show ring, now let us put our many years of experience to work for you. Our Signature is Your Success!

Southern Missouri Mule - Custom Size Hunting Wall Tents, Outfitter Cylinder Stoves, Equine Tack, Pack Saddles, Pack Equipment Sold Here

Sowhatchet Mule Farm - If you are looking for gaited mules, mules that Walk or Rack look no further! Sowhatchet is home to a fine selection of high-quality mules and donkeys that range in color, size, and most are gaited.

SSMules and Quality Horses - Come on in and take a look around. If something catches your eye, drop us a line.

Stephens Ranch Mules and Horses - Stephens Ranch is dedicated to raising and training quality mules and horses. You may visit and ride until you are satisfied. Pick out a show prospect and/or next quality mount from their weanlings and yearlings. All Stephens Ranch broodstock has been selected for temperament, conformation and trainability.

Sugar Creek Graphics - The largest supplier of mule, donkey and draft horse designs in the United States (formerly branded by JDH)

T Cross Farm - Located at Chariton, Iowa. We raise, train and ride quality mules. We usually have, or at least know of, good mules that are for sale if you're in the market.

Texas Mule Artist

The Donkey Show Site - Dedicated to all the owners and exhibitors who make the effort to show their donkeys, whether the show is large or small, and whether the donkeys win or not. 

The Tennessee Mule Artist - Bonnie Shields - Books, bronzes, prints, and much more from this acclaimed artist.

Trailhead Supply - Shop online anytime for horse packing equipment, camping supplies, horse tack, rodeo supplies and much more. Full service online packing supply store. They don't just sell packing equipment, they stand behind every product they sell, and use them.

Wagner's Saddle and Tack - "Saddles that fit the horse, mule & rider"

Washington Longears - A non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of the mule and donkey

West Slope Horse - West Slope Horse was created by journalist and horseman Bob Silbernagel, with help from numerous friends and family members, to serve as a clearinghouse for horse-related information for Western Colorado and surrounding regions.

Winnamucca Mule Races, Show and Draft Horse Challenge - Join in on some wild fun at Nevada’s only sanctioned mule event.

Wisconsin Donkey & Mule Society