June Issue Extra: Jerry Tindell Explains Benefits of Groundwork and Building the Circle

Beginning in the March issue of Mules and More Magazine, Jerry Tindell, Tindell’s Horse and Mule School, has been explaining the importance of ground work, both loose and on a lead, the six steps of ground working, and the benefits of teaching these steps to your mule.

Purchase back copies of Mules and More that contain the articles that explain these steps in further detail here: https://www.mulesandmore.com/back-issues

View the March video demonstration here: https://www.mulesandmore.com/blog/2019/3/1/march-issue-extra-jerry-tindell-explains-stage-1-round-pen-from-the-march-issue-of-mules-and-more?rq=tindell

View the May video demonstration here: https://www.mulesandmore.com/blog/2019/5/3/may-issue-extra-jerry-tindell-explains-the-6-steps-of-groudworking-from-the-may-issue-of-mules-and-more

For more on Jerry Tindell and Tindell’s Horse and Mule School, visit his website: http://jerrytindell.com

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